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Rugs by size
With a huge selection of rugs in different sizes and shapes, and a massive choice of designs and styles, find your perfect rug at Apple Rugs. In this Search by Rug Size section, rugs are classified as Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, and after that you can select by specific measurements. We also have special categories for Round rugs, Square Rugs and Hallway Runners. Plus don't forget that most of our rugs can be made to measure. Please call (01273 358021) or e-mail ( to enquire about custom sizes.

Find out more about: Standard Rug Sizes and our quick Rug Size Guide (click here)

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Standard Rug Sizes

SMALL RUGS (up to 150cm / 5ft on longest size)
All Small
2ft8 x 5ft
3ft x 5ft
3ft x 5ft8

MEDIUM RUGS (over 150cm / 5ft and up to 200cm / 6ft8 on the longest side)
All Medium
4ft x 5ft4
4ft x 5ft8
4ft x 6ft
4ft8 x 6ft6
4ft8 x 6ft8

LARGE RUGS (over 200cm / 6ft8 on the longest side and up to 290cm / 9ft8 on the longest side)
All Large
5ft x 7ft8
5ft x8ft
5ft4 x 7ft8
5ft8 x 7ft8
5ft8 x 8ft
6ft x 9ft
6ft4 x 9ft8
6ft8 x 9ft8

EXTRA-LARGE RUGS (over 290cm / 9ft8 on the longest side)
All Extra
Large Rugs
6ft7 x 9ft9
7ft10 x 10ft10
7ft10 x 11ft
8ft2 x 11ft6
9ft x 11ft
9ft4 x 12ft8

All Hallway


Note:* All sizes are approximate and in handmade items especially there can be some variation from exact measurements.

Rug Size Guide

When deciding on what size of rug you need, you can consider the following typical ways of using a rug with the surrounding furniture.

All the seating on the rug

This is what most interior designers describe as the best way to place a rug.

In the diagrams below, all the seating, the sofa, armchairs etc are on the rug, bringing a sociable, collective feel to the seating. The first picture is a more formal seating style, inviting people to sit and talk in a group, while the second illustrates how even with seating scattered about more casually, the rug brings it together into a cosier space.

For this reason, designers often say buy the largest rug that your space, and your pocket, can afford. The larger rug ties together a cohesive space. Furniture and rug do not appear squeezed or huddled around the rug, and the result can be a look of easy elegance.

furniture all on rug furniture all on rug casually

Front legs only on the rug

If option one above doesn't work for you, designers usually suggest trying this alternative.

The diagrams below shows a popular solution for smaller rugs in a living room, with all the furniture having the front legs on the rug. The rug again brings the seating together into a defined area and the eye tends to focus on the rug and thereafter the front of the sofa and chairs, and not to travel much beyond the front legs.

front legs on rug furniture front legs on rug

Rug as a stand alone focal point

In the situation below, a smaller rug is placed completely between the furniture, with all the furniture legs off the rug. It is close enough to the seating so that everyone's feet are on the rug when seated. Also, the rug is slightly larger than the length of the sofa, giving a less squeezed in look.

In this scenario, the rug smaller is often a feature rug. Perhaps a deep, modern textured shaggy rug, or a bright colour or design acting as a focal point for the room. Again, the furniture is kept entirely off the rug, and is placed a little way off to allow the sitters' to also feet be off the rug. In this way the whole rug is kept pristine and very visible.

small rug furniture legs off small feature rug and furniture

Measuring up for a rug

When measuring up for your rug, taking a tape measure and simply measuring the length and width of the are may not be enough. You only really get a sense of the rug's physical impact when it is actually in place. One way of at least seeing how the size works it to take a household item such as a sheet and folding it, or a newspaper and taping sheets together, to create the size of the rug. You can then lay this out on the floor and put the furniture on it or around it, to see how this size will really work in your space.

Custom Size Rugs

Many of our rugs are available to be made to specific customer sizes. As our rugs are made overseas, the time taken to make and deliver a custom-size rug can vary from 6 weeks to 24 weeks. Prices are calculated on a per square metre rate and are specific to the type of rug your require. Please call us on 01273 358021 for more information. Or email us:

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