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Green Rugs
The green rug now plays an exciting role in interior design. In recent years, a much wider choice has appeared across green wool rugs, man-made fibre rugs and green shaggy rugs. Traditional green rug have a long history of deep, bottle green colours and lighter, softer green tones. The colour can often add a natural, calming effect in a room, with associations to nature's green flooring. Our green colour selection includes lime green, soft sage green, emerald green and apple green tones, amongst many more. And includes all green rugs and rugs where green is a significant part of the colour palette.

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Green is one of those special colours for floors. Maybe it's an association with fields of grass, but many people find a green a rug smoothing influence. Green also is also a long established rug colour, being found in many antique oriental rugs.

There are many shades of green available in rugs today, from soft, pale greens through to deep, emarald greens. Lime green is especially popular in current rug designs.

This section of our online store shows our range of green rugs, as well as rugs with a signficant green element. (Remember that the eye tends to pick out similar colours, so if your room has green walls or curtains etc, the green in our rugs will stand out more.)

Finally, under our money-back guarantee you can return the rug if it turns out not to be suitable (see our Terms for details).