Lila Rugs (4 designs)

A very contemporary range of rugs with on trend colour mixes in paisley style and modern floral designs. The dense all wool piles are open looped to give the rugs a unique texture and finish, while the colours are very subtle and under-stated. Paisley became popular in the Sixties Summer of Love, and with Mods (think of those Paisley scarfs... Liam Gallagher probably has one in his wardrobe today). But the distinct tear or inverted comma shape in paisley designs has a long history in Indian and Persian textiles, and so makes a welcome return in these high fashion rugs.

STOCK SIZES: 120x180cms (4ft x 6ft) | 160x230cms (5ft4 x 7ft8)

100% Wool Pile | Open Looped | Hand Tufted in India | Modern Wool Rugs