First Flash Mob Target a Macy's Rug

Ever seen a Flash Mob in action ? It's a goup of people who, tipped off by an internet group, gather in a particular location and suddenly break into some activity for a short while, before mysteriously dispersing. The world's first recorded flash mob event occurred in June 2003 at Macy's department store in New York, in the rug department and around a particularly expensive rug.

Macy's may have been selected as it is one of the grand old names of American retailing. The business goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, and since the early 1920s it's flagship store in Herald Square has claimed to be the "world's largest department store." (Other stores, however, have claims on this, including Harrods in London.)

No-one knows why the rug department on the ninth floor was targeted. But the gathering of approximately 100 flash mobsters were told to inform bewildered assistances that they all lived in a large warehouse apartment where they wanted a new rug and generally made such decisions as a group ! In particular, they said they wanted a "love rug."

We caught up quickly in the UK, and in 2006 London became host to a "Silent Disco" which was at that time the world's largest recorded flash mob event (the particpants all danced to music on headphones - and so the event was completely silent to onlookers).

Finally, what exactly is a "Love Rug" ? Well, it may refer to an exotic type of rug for "senuous occasions"... think Austin Powers, deep, soft pile rugs, animal prints etc... enough to turn a man wild!

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