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Ideas for Rug Colours

One great source of ideas for your home is in fact in Britain’s thriving paint business ! We have a number of world leading paint companies in this country, and they spend a great deal of effort researching what colours are likely to appeal for our homes. It's extremely difficult to tie down specific colours, saying for example what will be the “in” colour for the home this year. Instead, they look at broader themes that are in tune with people’s current attitudes and lifestyles, and indicate the kind of colour palettes that can create these styles.

Crown, for example, has recently released Crown Trends, a project to predict what interior trends and colours will inspire UK homes in the coming year. It sought a broad range of input, with a panel that included a colour psychologist, fashion designer, interior stylist, florist, fashion and textiles academic and colour consultant, as well as one of the company’s own brand managers.

The survey’s finding were eventually honed down to a series of core themes that are likely to inspire home colours and decoration in 2009. The five themes are:

Natural Environment
Sample colours include warm stone creams, sky blues, fresh turquoise greens – think in terms of the beach front, or New England style.

Living Colour Colours inspired by living themes, like flowers in vibrant colours in bloom, fading to softer tones as they wither. The idea therefore involves mixing delicate shades with stronger, richer tones.

The inspiration here is thrift and recycling (surely in tune with people’s thinking during a recession). As above, the mix can be bright colours plus faded tones, “like the clothes rail in a charity shop,” while vintage style is another aspect.

“An Aladdin’s cave” approach. This concept involves using intense, rich tones, for example in gold, red or teal colours to give a luxurious but calm environment.

New Darks
Described as being inspired by “drama, opulence and gothic detailing for the digital age,” the key colour ideas here are rich purples, blues and blacks.

Visit the Crown Paint site,, to learn more about the survey. In terms of choosing rugs to fit in with these or any other interior designs, always remember that there are far more colour tones available in paint than in rugs, and that paint suppliers can mix colours to give you an exact shade. The result is that is usually much easier to buy your rug first and then select a paint colour for your walls to match.

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