Rugs Go Back to Black

A cool, elegant black rug might be just the thing for your home this year...

Modern minimalist interiors, a reflection of economic uncertainty, sheer practicality... whatever the current reason interior designers and trend watchers give, black always seems a popular colour for accessories, as much in the home as in fashion. That stylish little black dress can often find its counterpart in a sleek, cool black rug on the floor.

Black rugs fit current interior design trends towards simpler flooring in natural materials and colours, and minimalist design styles with clean lines and a clutter-free look. Single, plain colours also tend to make a room look more spacious (a growing factor given the smaller floorspaces in many new build homes). And as a plain colour, black of course has the advantage of hiding dirt and stain marks.

Designers need to add a little mystery to names so expect to see black also described as Ebony, Jet, Onyx or similar terms. They also need to add subtle variations, and here slightly greyer tones appear such as Charcoal, Slate or Smoke. Further along this route we end up with grey itself, a colour that has really gained in status in the interior design world in recent years.

In fact, a black rug is often chosen as the flooring colour in a grey-based interior colour scheme.

Make a note: black rugs have never gone out of fashion
black rugs are proving popular

Black, along with grey and other plain colour rugs, has also benefitted from the clever use of textile materials to create rugs with very individual looks and textures.

Some examples include:

- Black Shaggy Wool Rugs, with long pile fibres in naturally soft and warm 100%wool.

- Black Viscose Rugs with super sleek and smooth piles, and a dappled effect of light and shade across the surface.

- Mixes of wool and viscose, to create soft, warm wool rugs with a hint of the silkiness of viscose. There are also mixes of cotton and viscose. - Black acrylic rugs, with smooth, soft piles that have a very velvet-like look and feel.

Over in the world's largest online shopping market, the USA, the black rug is generally the most sought after colour online, this time ahead of the blue rug.

The relatively popularity of the blue rug in the USA may reflect it's ongoing status as a common corporate colour (think of IBM - nicknamed "Big Blue" - or Microsoft's sky-blue), while the famous Oval office rug in the White House has often been blue in the past.

The other big difference is the popularity of the white rug in the USA - presumably reflecting less concern over rain and muddy shoes, which sadly remains an almost year-round consideration in the British climate.

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