Modern Hand Woven Rugs

Apple Rugs are proud to offer a range of modern handwoven rugs that combine the wonderful look and feel of traditional rug weaving techniques with subtle modern designs and colours.

These handwoven rugs are made entirely of wool. There is for example no use of another material as a backing, just the underside of the wool design, as you would expect in a purely woven product. The rug therefore has none of the stiffness that initially shows in many modern rugs before the backing material settles. Instead it has the soft, "floppy" construction of a true woven product, and sits beautifully on the floor from day one.

The colours are also subtle, natural tones that enhance the hand crafted look and feel of these rugs.

Examples of our current ranges of Modern Handwoven Rugs, include:

Joseph Handoven Rugs

Joseph rugs feature designs that in some cases use natural but quite vibrant reds and spice tones, and in others more subdued blues, greens and beiges. All combine a stripes design that is both highly contemporary in interior design ideas, and in tune with their traditional "ethnic" rug-making style.

Joseph Spice Rug

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