Rug Marks and Dirt

What's a Good Rug to Hide Dirt ?

There are no easy answers to this. Regular vacuum cleaning or brushing of a rug will keep dust away and stop in getting trod into the rug to create a dirt mark. And immediately mopping up spills such as food or wine with water should keep stains at bay. (Remember to dab the pile with plenty of water and not to rub as this can leave a mark on the pile's texture.) But, over time, are there any colours that disguise the gradual effects of dirt better than others?

White and cream tones are obvious culprits. They lift and lighten a room beautifully, but with a lot of traffic, and not enough care, thay can start to look tired. Surprisingly, black can also show marks, this time with lighter flecks of dust (although a good hoovering should sort this out) or unfortunate spills that were not dealt with properly.

On the other hand, browns and beiges are receiving good feedback as "dirt disguisers." Part of the reason for this maybe the range of browns and beiges that rugs come in. For example, is that a light beige rug that becomes uniformly a little darker with wear, is still a beige rug. On the other hand, this does not help with any odd dirt marks that occur.

In order to disguise specific marks, there are real benefits in patterns over plain rugs. A single colour plain rug has nowehere to hide the odd dirt or spill mark that couldn't be removed. However, a pattern can trick the eye into not fousing on that dirt mark. You may know it's there because you know your rug. But your guests probably won't examing it in such detail.

If they do, it may be time to consider a new rug, or maybe new guests !

Some Brown-Beige Rug Ideas

Botanical Saria Brown>

Botanical Saria brown rug
The warm browns, beige and taupe tones in irregular wavy lines can distract the eye from accidental marks.

The Saria Brown rug features wavy lines in different tones of brown and beige, helping to distract the eye from any dirt marks that have unfortunately occurred. The wool pile will respond well to vacuuming, as the wool fibres "spring" up back to life. There is also some viscose content in some of the wave lines, which adds a silky shimmer to these parts of the pattern.

The Matrix Cobble Coffee Rug

Matrix Cobble Coffee Rug>

Matrix Cobble Coffee Rug

A cobble effect is carved into the thick, dense wool pile of this rug, and the rough patterns of the cobbles offers some scope to hide marks. There is also some viscose content in some of the cobbles to lift the rug with a silky, shimmering texture. So it's not only the cobbles that make this a sturdy rug to walk !

For a lighter version of this rug try something like the Matrix Cobbles Cream Rug:

Matrix Cobble Cream RugMatrix Cobble Cream Rug<

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