Matrix Rugs: New Designs Arrive

The new range of Matrix rugs is now available. For several years the Matrix Collection of handtufted wool rugs has been one of the most popular lines in Apple Rugs' webshop. The new versions continue the tradition of great quality hand tufted construction, a dense, heavyweight all-wool pile, and outstanding contemporary colours and designs.

Matrix are hand tufted in India, using a method by which the rug design is followed in wool across a loom frame using hand controlled tufting guns. The designs have enjoyed great success in the past with several Matrix rugs featuring amongst our best sellers, and this year's collection looks set to create some new favourites.

Matrix Rugs' colour palette is also strikingly in tune with current interior design thinking, and features tones that regularly catch customer's eyes, including professional interior designers.

The size range is also very functional for the typical modern home, and the large 200x300cms (6ft8 x 10ft) size is especially useful when a rug is required to make a real design impact across a significant amount of floorspace.

The sizes available from stock are: 90 x 150cms (3ft x 5ft), 120 x 170cms (4ft x 5ft8), 160 x 230cms (5ft4 x 7ft8) and 200 x 300cms (6ft8 x 10ft).

Custom sizes are also available. Please call for details, and allow 2-3 months for customer production and shipping to the UK.

So which will be the most popular designs from the new range? Of course, every rug buyer has his or her individual requirements based on their own ideas and preferences, and the rooms they are working with. However, based on the colour ideas currently coming out of the design industry, and the design ideas coming up in the rug business, we expect rugs such as the Matrix Wire Orange with its warm, spicy orange tone, and the Matrix Ripley Blue, with its clear, classic blue tones, to enjoy particular success over the course of the year.

But these are just our early ideas based on general trends, and everyone's individual choices will be different... take a look at the complete range of new Matrix Wool rugs from the images and links opposite.

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