Handstitched Rugs

We're delighted to welcome a new range of handmade rugs, with an outstanding pedigree of traditional rug-making craft skills and values.

The rugs are sourced from Kashmir, India's most north-westerly state. This area has a long history of sewing craftsmanship and of producing the finest quality chain stitch needlework in the world. Chain stitching is an ancient sewing craft, in which a series of looped stitches are sewn into a chain-like pattern. It is well-known in embroidery, as well as in producing super quality rugs.

Many traditional Kashmiri chain stitched rugs are of museum or gallery quality. Our new ranges use established craft skills in producing rugs with contemporary designs and colour palettes. They can act as beautiful wall-hangings, as well as wonderful rugs that will be a talking point in your home.

The process begins with woollen threads dyed using natural colours wherever possible. The threads are hand-sewn in chainstitch onto a cotton fabric, and a cotton backing is then applied. Each of the rugs is made individually in this way.

They are all produced by adult crafts people, working in co-operatives, setting their own rates for the work, and creating a true cottage industry in their area. Best quality wool and cotton are used, along with colour-fast natural dyes. And these rugs are washable as wool, even in the washing machine. (Note: it is recommended that non-biological detergents are used and that the product is dried flat. It should also not be placed in direct sunlight, as this may cause the natural dyes to fade.)

These hand-stitched tapestry rugs bring an ancient craft into the contemporary home, combining rich tradition, fine craft skills and natural fibres with stunning designs and colour palettes.

*   Unique handmade craft rugs using ancient skills

*   Available in traditional and contemporary designs

*   Versatile usage as floor rugs, wall hangings and more

*   Especially good on top of plain carpet, adding colour and design to the floor

*   Hand and machine washable

*   Beautiful long lasting art items

*   Easy to fold, store and post as small/medium packages

*   Stunning and unique gift items

From classic chain stitched rug-making amongst co-operatives in Kashmir...
To superb quality rugs for homes around the world.

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