Rugs that are no longer sari

A fantastic trend is reaching the UK flooring sector with the introduction of silk rugs made from sari silk - the traditional women's clothing in India and the surrounding region. Silk rugs are usually very expensive items. However, using this recycled clothing material allows for much more competitive pricing as well as finding a super use for discarded sari silk.

The silk yarns in these rugs are sourced either from Sari producers' off-cuts and remnants, or recycled from vintage saris, or even unused saris.

Indian saris use quality silk and colours to produce beautiful traditional clothes for women, and when recycled this material provides superb silk for rugs, giving them the intense, shimmering colours and fine, luxurious feel associated with this fabric.

India and its neighbouring countries have a substantial sari producing business, leading to surplus silks. At the same time, women in the region are often favouring Western fashions for daily wear, leaving more and more saris unused. The growing wealth of the region also means that women have more clothing mounting in their wardrobes. Taking these beautiful saris out of wardrobe and into the recycling chain is a win all round.

Apple Rugs currently stocks the Sari Silk range below, featuring Sari Silk Pink, Sari Silk Purple and the Sari Silk Multi-tone rug shown.

An example of the new trend for rugs woven from sari quality silk. This multi-tone silk rug features the intense, luminous colours that silk rugs can create:

image of sari silk rug

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