Rugs on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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The US phenomenon of Black Friday sales has well and truly crossed the Atlantic to UK shops and websites, including rug retailers.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving in the USA (and Thanksgiving falls on the third Thursday of November). Cyber Monday falls on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a huge family holiday is the USA and the period following it, in commercial terms and also in holiday planning terms, is a run up to Christmas.

Many Americans bridge the Thanksgiving holiday with a day off on Friday, and this is often seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Since the mid-2000s, this has generally been the busiest shopping day in the year.

Black Friday has also taken on many of manic features of big sales, including Midnight opening (now extending to opening in the evening on Thanksgiving itself in many states), huge queues, shortages of popular items and sometimes aggressive shoppers.

It is also the only day that Apple stores offer discounts, including Apple stores in the UK. Black Friday has now also appeared in the UK shopping season, as US-based retailers extend the concept to their UK stores.

Cyber Monday is the name given to the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and is traditionally the US online retail sector's biggest single shopping day. One idea is that having spent the long weekend shopping and making first preparations for Christmas, Americans would return to work and the internet to start buying online. Again, the concept has crossed the Atlantic and UK online retailers are now also focusing on the big sales potential of the end-November/start-December Monday.

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