Green Rugs are Evergreen

This year has seen the rise of the green rug. That's the colour green, by the way, rather than environmentally-friendly flooring (something that our web-site articles deal with elsewhere). Throughout the year, we have seen demand growing for green rugs across our rug collections. And green rugs have now established a new popularity in interior colour themes.

It is likely that this all began at the end of the previous year, when colour experts Pantone announced that their Colour of the Year for 2013 was going to be Emerald Green. The influential colour experts at Pantone have access to trends in the world's leading design houses and their predictions really do emerge in the wider market. Their colour ideas soon become apparent in the world of high fashion, but also extend out into general clothing and interior design.

Green was already a popular clour for rugs. In the traditional, oriental rugs area, there is a classic, deep "bottle green" that appears in many traditional patterns, as well as a softer, lighter green that adds a soothing, calm tone to many patterns.

In fact, green in general can have a soothing effect on floors - perhaps there is a subconcious association with grass and nature ?

Amongst our very popular green rugs have been:

The Whisper Green Rug, with its long, silky shaggy pile in a lovely mid-tone green, also referred to by the rugmaker as "apple green."

The Bellagio Green Rug, a new contemporary rug made entirely from viscose (artificial silk), woven into a deep, heavy pile with a firm, silk-like finish. The green here is a light, slightly acid-drop green that changes its depth depending on how it catches the light.

Matrix Cassin, a new Matrix rug with a deep, dense wool pile and slightly lime green background.

In the traditional rugs area, the Sherborne Green rug has an attractive oriental design, with a soft mid-tone green background, and is especially popular for its large sizes.

This is Pantone's Colour of the Year 2013: Emerald Green. The company describe Emerald Green as "Lively, radiant, lush... a colour of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

Pantone Emerald Green

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Some of our popular green rugs:

The Bellagio Green Rug

Bellagio Green Rug

The Matrix Cassin Rug

Matrix Cassin Green Rug

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