A Splash of Rug Colour for Spring

From April Showers to a Splash of Colour...

Spring is naturally a time to look for something fresh in our lives and homes. A previous article looked at the popularity of lighter tones in the house as summer approaches (See Spring Rugs), but this can also be a great backdrop on which to add a splash of colour.

Rather than adding a funky multicoloured rug to the floor, the idea here is to keep a light, neutral back drop, but to focus on adding a limited range of colours, or perhaps just one, that will then take on an added zest with few other competing colours.

This is often seen with pastel, watercolour-like shades of reds, blues, greens, purples and more, whose slightly acid tones give a "zing" to their colours when set against whites and pale neutrals in the background. It is also interesting how the focus on a single colour like this can be reinforced by the use of the same colour in accessories around the room, such as cushions, throws, storage boxes etc. A couple of examples of the "splash of colour" idea follow.

Take a look below at the how the simple background allows the purples and fuchsia colours on the rug to really shine out. The walls are in a neutral grey-beige tone, the armchair has a white cover and the floorboards and window frames are painted white. The result means that the eye’s focus falls entirely on the rug's now vivid reds and purples.

bright rug in white setting

A similar affect is seen with this Laya Pink rug below. The walls, window frames, sofa and rug are in various shades of white, the floor is a neutral dark hardwood, allowing the fleck of reds, pinks and purples on the rug to really stand out.

bright laya rug in white setting

Notice too how those pinks and purples have been repeated in the plant pots, and how the eye catches these colours around the room - even on the red shoes and purple boots under the sofa !

By the way, it’s no accident that we chose photos with these pinky-purples in the rug. They're on the same area of the colour spectrum as the "Radiant Orchid" that has been called the “The Colour of the Year” for 2014. See our earlier article: The Big Colour for 2014?

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