Wool Rugs in the Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year! The Year of the Sheep! Don't forget - wool is one of the best materials there has ever been for flooring.

sheep and wool rugs
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With the new Chinese year upon us, as the Year of the Sheep, lots of people are thinking again about wool. It has been used for thousands of years to make rugs, and with good reason continues to be used. The earliest wool pile rug was found in the 1920s in ancient burial mounds in Pazyryk in the cold mountains of Siberia. It was made around 500-600bc and this was clearly a high value burial item. But wool rugs in general were used by these nomadic tribes to combine the comfort and insulation of an animal fur or sheepskin with the attractions of woven colours and decoration.

Warmth, colour and design are still reasons people buy wool rugs. But there's more than just this. Here are a few key plus points about wool rugs:

HISTORY - wool gives your rug an authentic context, linking it, no matter how distantly, with the origins of rug making.

DURABILITY ("SPRINGINESS") - wool fibres are very elastic and easily spring back. This means they trend not to flatten much over time from walking or furniture, and after a vacuum cleaning, spring back to life, looking refreshed and new and feeling comfortable underfoot.

STAIN RESISTANCE - wool fibres are naturally coated with a very light lanolin wax, helping to prevent stains from penetrating them. Many spillages can be easily removed and stains prevented by padding gently with water and a cloth. It's good to know as well, then, that wool has good water resistance allowing damp patches to dry out easily. It can also absorb a significant amount of ambient moisture without feeling damp.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT - thoughts about health issues always change, but recent research indicates that wool rugs help keep dust and other pollutants our of indoor air; they are not a good environment for the dust mite; and can be regularly vacuumed to remove dust and mites. The old fashioned idea of cleaning outside in the bright sunshine also helps with keeping the house fresh from dust.

SAFETY - it's worth noting that wool has a natural flame resistance without the addition of chemical retardants.

COLOUR & DESIGN - Today's wool rugs come in vast range of modern designs and contemporary colour combinations, as well as classic patterns and traditional colours.

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