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Rug colour trends

The colour of your rug can dramatically change the look of your interior design, and to help you choose, the following boxes show the major colour categories. Click on the boxes below to see all of our rugs in each broad colour. Or scroll further down to read more about the latest rug colour trends and ideas. Each of the colour categories will also lead to you further information about the main rug colours and matching colour options.

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Rug Colour Trends

Blue rugs are the most popular colour when it comes to searching for a rug online. This year’s annual review from Apple Rugs points to the importance of blue in our flooring.

Blue rugs of various shades are just ahead of grey rugs, and these two colours are significantly ahead of the next broad colours, white/cream, reds, yellows and green.

It’s hardly surprising, because blue is easily the world’s favourite colour. In the UK, about one in three people rate it as their favourite colour. And that makes it more than twice as popular than the number two favourite, red. (Interestingly, in the USA, the second favourite colour is green).

All of the popular rug colours are also amongst people’s favourite colours in general, with the major exception of grey. Grey hardly features amongst people’s favourite colours, but it is now hugely important when they are looking for a rug.

UK's Most Popular Rug Colours
UK's favourite rug colours

Rug Colours and favourite colours
rug colours - fav rug colours

Grey - the new neutral

When it comes to what colours people are actually searching for, grey is the outstanding winner. Almost twice as many people searched for grey rugs than the next favourite teal rugs last year. Grey was also still growing fast, with search up by over 70% over the previous year.

Beige - the colour that dare not speak its name?

Undoubtedly, grey has become the new neutral in UK homes, reflecting the desire for a modern, cool look. The old standby was beige, and a lot of beige rugs are still being sold. But fewer people are searching for them online, possibly feeling that the colour now sounds tired and uninspiring.

Shades of blue

The second most sought after colour was teal, narrowly ahead of duck egg. Here we can see what has happened to blue. People are now searching directly for shades, and the leading trend blues are teal and duck egg - more popular search terms than just a blue rug.

On trend rug colours

Looking at the fast growing colour terms, yellow rugs have been enjoying great success, and especially the slightly more complex mustard tone. Greys are still growing strongly, but are being outpaced by a search for a brighter silver grey, while silver itself is another fast growing colour. Finally, black and white rugs, a more dramatic neutrals option, have seen a sharp rise in consumer interest over the past year.

Fast Growing Rug Colours
high growth rug colours

A simplified chart of the current leading rug colours follows.

The UK's Top Rug Colours
top UK rug colours

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