Yellow Rugs Shine

Yellow rugs have been attracting a lot of interest amongst designers and shoppers alike this year. In fact, yellow is the fourth fastest growing rug colour at the moment, and the only bright colour amid the general rise of neutral colours in rugs and interior design in general. This compares just the major rug colours, indicating the broad colour themes that people are considering. Once they have opted for a yellow solution, shoppers can start being more specific, looking for example at gold, mustard, pastel yellow and so on.

Many homes around the UK are adopting simple, natural themes for their overall interior colours, such as creams, oat, beige or earth tones, or the newer focus on contemporary shades of grey.

In this scenario, a splash of yellow on the floor can add a zest to the room, and with the right tone can nicely complement neutral colours on the walls, doors and main furniture items - esepcially the current in vogue greys. It's also a colour that has its own associations with nature (most obviously yellow daffodils, other flowers and sunshine). Maybe because of these images, it's also seen as a happy, life-loving colour.

So take a look at some of our yellow rugs, if you're thinking of bringing a little sunshine into your home this Summer.

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The Sloan Mustard Rug - One of our new yellow rugs:
yellow rugs

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