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Getting Happy with Yellow Rugs!

Yellow is currently making an exciting impact on interior designs, and yellow rugs are now big news. Find out why you should be considering a yellow rug. (More...)

yellow rug

Yellow rugs are currently enjoying a surge in interest

UK's Favourite Rug Colours

What's Britain's favourite rug colour, and which rug colours are growing fastest in today's interior designs. Find out by taking a look at a chart of the latest findings. (More...)

The Most Popular Rug Colours
The most sought after rug colour is now... grey!

Watch Out for Marsala

This year's new "Colour of the Year" looks set to influence home interiors more than ever before.. Every year New York colour specialists Pantone works with international designers and fashion trend spotters to select the colour tones that it thinks will influence fashion in the year, or years, to come... (More...)

Colour experts Pantone's colour of the year is Marsala, a warm, earthy red tone.

Wool Rugs in the Year of the Sheep

It's Chinese New Year, and this year it's the Year of the Sheep! It's prompting lots of people to think about wool again. And there are lots of good things to think about when it comes to wool rugs. (More...)

Rugs and Wool
The Year of the Sheep reminds us of the benefits of wool.

Fifty Shades of Grey Rugs

Lots of talk these days about shades of grey in the home - all prompted by the famous book and the new film of Fifty Shades of Grey. But in rugs, grey is really starting to stand out as a big contemporary colour. (More...)

Fifty shades of grey rugs
Grey rugs now have a big range of shades, subtle variations and finishes.

Illuminating Rugs - Viscose

Light and nature are two big themes in interiors today. We want to live in homes that let in more and more daylight, to live with light around us. And we want to feel that nature is in our homes, that the things that surround us have a natural look, feel and origin. It is thinking like this that is creating such an interest in rugs with a viscose content.

Viscose rugs generally have a silky-smooth, soft pile with a beautiful shift in light and shade across the rug. The best can really lighten your floor as light plays across the rug. Many are viscose blends, such as wool and viscose rugs, with all the warmth of wool enhanced by the lustre of viscose, or viscose rugs given an extra natural softness by being blended with cotton. (More...)

Dolce Gold viscose and cotton rug
The Dolce Gold Rug with its viscose/cotton blend pile.

Modern rugs go back to ethnic roots

This summer, many people started looking for lighter and brighter fabrics to freshen up the home. For the floor, natural rugs such as jute or sisal items were one of the first options. But these are usually in a single beige, brown or other earth tone, with a stiff, hardy texture. On the other hand, kilims (sometimes spelt kelims) and other flatweave rugs can provide a slim, light floor covering with bags of character and colour.(More... )

Bright Kilim Rug
A bright, colourful kilim from the Caucasion Kelim Collection. A rug like this can be used to add a lively, hippy-chic look to a room.

Big year for large rugs?

Large rugs are more popular than ever, as hard flooring continues its popularity in UK home interiors. Older properties are still being renovated with original or replacement wood boards, and new properties come complete with wood or laminate floors.

But faced with these polished wood or laminate floors, people also want something warmer and softer to walk and sit on. And others also want to protect these perfect, shiny new or revived floors.

And when it comes to size, designers tell us to opt for a larger rug over a smaller rug. Larger rugs can emphasise the space of a large room. Smaller rugs can led to a disjointed, untidy look in a larger room. Even in a smaller room, a rug that is too small can draw attention to the lack of space. (More...)

A large size Fade rug brings together the table and chairs and adds to a sense of space in this dining room.

Rug trends: modern rugs to be recycled ?

Are recycled rugs about to make an impact in UK homes in 2015? We are all taking more interest in environmental matters and increasingly want to avoid materials, including old garments and household fabrics, simply ending up in land-fill. In fact, recycled rugs have a venerable history in Britain. In the nineteenth century, old clothes and other fabrics were regularly torn up and "hooked" onto sacking or other backing material to create what we call "rag rugs." These were used as basic floor coverings in ordinary households, while the wealthier sought out the fine woven wool and silk rugs coming out of Asia. (More...)

recycled denim rug
Denim blue is green… these recycled rugs use material from jeans and other denim materials.

A Splash of Colour for Spring

Forget those April showers! Add a splash of colour in your home with a new rug. This article looks at how the use of a single colour, or a very limited range of colours, around a room with a neutral backdrop, can really bring the colour to life...

Spring Rugs

It's Spring revitalisation time again (it used to be called Spring cleaning, but nowadays people re-arrange and replace as much as they spruce up)...

My Rug is Like a Red, Red Rose

With apologies to Rabbie Burns and his famous love poem, but today you really can by a rug in the shape of a rose - a red rose or a white rose...

Rug Trends 2014: Recycled Rugs

One way that rugs can achieve extra environmental benefits is through the use of recycled materials...

Colour Ideas for 2014

Predictions for the colours that will dominate the catwalks and eventually home interiors this year...

The Big Rug Colour for 2014?

World colour leaders Pantone has elected "Radiant Orchard" as it's colour of the year for 2014...

Black Friday to Cyber Monday

The US phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now appearing amongst UK internet retailers and shops...

Rugs that are Sari no more!

A fantastic trend is reaching the UK flooring sector with the introduction of silk rugs made from re-cycled saris...

The $33 Million Rug.

A classic Persian rug was sold in New York in June 2013 for $33 million...

Outstanding New Range of Hand Stitched Rugs

Apple Rugs is delighted to welcome an outstanding range of hand-stitched rugs direct from Kashmir...

New Range of Matrix Tufted Wool Rugs Arrive

The new range of Matrix rugs is now available. For several years the Matrix Collection of handtufted wool rugs has been one of the most popular lines in Apple Rugs' web shop...

Rug Marks and Dirt

What's a good rug to hide dirt ? There are no easy answers to this. Regular vacuum cleaning or brushing of a rug will keep dust away...

Prestige Rugs - By Order of The President

In the Summer of 2010, the Oval Office received its new rug, in what is now a traditional event in which the new president selects a new design, usually reflecting a relevant theme or mood. Barack Obama went for a predominantly plain beige rug...

Hand Woven Modern Rugs - A Winning Combination

For a truly stylish, quality statement for your floor, why not consider a modern design rug made to the exacting standards of traditional, hand-weaving...

Rugs Go Back To Black

Maybe it's the recession sending people back to basic colour schemes, but black is proving to be one of the most sought after rug colours online...

Colour Trends for the Year Ahead

One great source of ideas for your home is in fact in Britain’s thriving paint business! We have a number of world leading paint companies in this country, and they spend a great deal of effort researching what colours are likely to appeal for our homes...

World's Most Expensive Rug

What's at the very top end of the rug world ? Well, a treasured historical rug has just sold at Sotheby's in Doha, Qatar, for $5.5 million - though this was in fact below rumoured prices...

Choosing a Rug

Some pointers and suggestions as to how to start your search for the right rug...

A Brief History of Rugs

Rug making is one of the great ancient crafts. Rugs were certainly in use by early Neolithic times (New Stone Age, starting around 7000BC) using fleece from the growing practice of keeping herds of sheep and goats...

Rug Making Techniques

Rugs can be broadly classified into Flat Weave Rugs and Pile Rugs. Flat weave is the earliest known method of carpet-making and is based on a simple weaving of vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads...

Green Rugs are Evergreen

Last year saw the rise of the green rug. Throughout the year, we saw demand growing for green rugs across our rug collections...

Rug Materials

Wool is one of the oldest known textile fibres, and is the chief fibre used in hand knotted fine Oriental rugs, as well our hand tufted contemporary rugs. The qualities that ancient societies valued in wool apply just as much today...

Rug Care

Regular vacuuming helps maintain the life and lustre of a rug, and can prevent surface dirt and dust from getting deeper into the pile where it is harder to remove...

Colour Advice

Customers often seek a rug to match a room's walls, furniture or fabrics, and want a specific colour to work with what they already have in the room...

Rugs and Interior Design Ideas

New ideas for decorating your home are constantly emerging from the world of interior designers and colour specialists. Here we look at some of the latest designer thinking to help you choose the best rug for your room...

World's First Flash Mob Target Rug at Macys

Ever seen a Flash Mob in action ? It's a goup of people who, tipped off by an internet group, gather in a particular location and suddenly break into some activity for a short while, before mysteriously dispersing...

A Brief History of Rugs

Rugs come with an ancient history. The earliest remains come from pre-historic times, and throughout history they have provided both warmth and comfort, and beautiful art and decoration to add to the quality of people's lives...