Agra Twist Red Rug

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Superb quality rugs in traditional designs, soft colouring and a thick, 100% wool pile. The Agra Twist is a very high quality version of this classic design. It uses double twist yarns (hence the name "Twist") for extra strength and durability. The yarns are also dyed with cut colours, which means that balls of yarn are not simply one solid colour, but lighter and darker shades. This gives the final rugs their highly attractive and authentic look based on muted colours with very slight variations.

Agra Twist Red Rug | 100% Wool Pile | Hand Tufted | Red | Beiges | Earth Green Details

Pile Weight: 2400 gr/sq m | Hand Tufted | Traditional Wool Rug


  Delivery estimate 4-5 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 4-5 days

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