Heado Blue Rug

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A classic design rug, individually hand-stitched in chainstitch by crafts people working as small co-operatives in kashmir India. The rug uses best quality wool threads, mostly with natural dyes, stitched onto cotton, and with a cotton backing. It comes with a wonderful pedigree of craftsmanship and values, as well as outstanding looks and texture, and will be a feature rug in any setting.

Wool Thread Chain Stitched by Hand onto Cotton | Cotton Backing | Handmade in Kashmir India by Child-Free Co-Operatives

These finely crafted items have a variety of uses, including as wall hangings, and make for great, unique gifts. Click on the images below to find out more:

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  Delivery estimate 4-5 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 4-5 days

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