Flower Pond Rug

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This rug has been individually made by hand in Kashmir by experienced crafts people working in local cooperative. After the wool threads have been dyed (using natural dyes wherever possible), the wool is chain_stitched onto acotton fabric, using craft skills for which this region is world famous. The best quality wool and cotton is used, while the natural dyes are colour fast. They are therefore washable as wool, even in a washing machine. Bright, beautiful, extremely natural rugs that will be a talking point for your room.

All wool and Cotton | Hand Stitched | Made by Child Free Co-operatives in Kashmir

These finely crafted items have a variety of uses, including as wall hangings, and make for great, unique gifts. Click on the images below to find out more:

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  Delivery estimate 3-4 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 3-4 days

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