Esprit New Glamour Ivory White Rug

  • Model: ESPRIT 3303-10
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A premium quality, super soft shaggy hand tufted in twin yarns and luxurious colour to produce something very special for your floor from the Esprit design house. The rug combines a soft, fluffy acrylic yarn alongside a silky fine polyester yarn with a brilliant sheen of colour in the deep 4cm long pile. The main colour here is green, coupled with a soft complementary blue, all brought to vivid life by the clever use of yarns.

Esprit New Glamour Ivory Rug | ESP-3303-10

Acrylic & Polyester Pile | Hand Tufted | Pile Height: 4cm | Weight 3g/sq m | Made in China


  Delivery estimate 4-5 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 4-5 days

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