Anti-Slip Underlay (bought with a rug)

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Our anti slip rug underlay is a hi-tech product designed to be unobtrusive and effective. It is suitable for rugs laid on carpets, and for rugs laid on hard floors like wood and tiles. This general purpose underlay is designed to work for both types of surface and gives excellent flexibility should you decide to move the rug to a different room.

This is a high quality product that provides anti-slip safety, protects your floor and carpets, makes vacuuming easier, and keeps rugs wrinkle free. It is easy to cut to your precise requirements, and if you have a very large rug, you can safely buy 2 or more underlay mats and put them side by side.

A note on sizes: You can easily cut the underlay to size if it is a little too large. Just use scissors. Also remember that the underlay does not have to be an exact fit, it is best to have underlay a little smaller than the rug, so it does not show. Our underlay is therefore slightly smaller than maximum size quoted so it does not show under the rug.


  Delivery estimate 2-3 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 2-3 days

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