Taj Agra 06 Rug in Gold and Rust Red

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The Taj 06 Rug is from the Taj Collection of hand-woven traditional wool rugs, featuring classic Moghal designs and authentic colours. This version comes in a mainly soft gold background with rust red border. The Taj premium rug collection has been hand woven in 100% wool and specially washed to create an authentic antique look. Taj Rugs create a classic, traditional ambience for the floor, as well as providing all the natural warmth, strength, softness and elegant lustre of hand woven wool.

Taj Agra 06 Rug | 100% Antique Washed Wool | Hand Woven | Fringed | Traditional Wool Rugs


  Delivery estimate 5 days   

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  • Current delivery estimate: 5 days

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